What are the benefits of the best mixer grinder under 2000?

A mixer grinder is a small kitchen appliance that can be used to make both chutneys and sauces. The design of this device consists of a jar or container at the bottom. This is where the mixture will be placed. Above that, there is a blade inside the bowl, which has been fitted with sharp teeth for mixing. The walls of the bowl are usually made from metal, as opposed to plastic or rubber. The top of the jar also has grips for easy handling when blending your ingredients together. A mixer grinder is similar to a food processor. It has the same features, and the only difference is its smaller size. The actual dough blades are not that wide, whereas a food processor has much wider teeth.

There are many mixer grinder brands under 2000 in India. Selecting the best mixer grinder under 2000 should be a good decision to do so. We can share our experiences and thoughts about each one of them. The product we picked up as the first one is Butterfly Mixer Grinder 110 V . It has several advantages and also it comes with a considerate price tag.

The best mixer grinder (110 V)  has several advantages: its motor runs at 110 volts, making it ideal for use in India where most motors run at 220 volts.

Benefits of using mixer grinders:

The benefits of using a mixer grinder are many, but here are some of the most prominent ones:

  1. Lesser noise level: It can be more easily heard while cooking due to its smaller size and also because it does not make any sound at all. A mixer grinder produces less noise than other kitchen appliances. Easier to clean: The motor housing is bigger in size, so it will be harder to clean a blender or food processor by hand.
  2. It produces less stress during processing: When using a blender or food processor, the blades are exposed to the air, and this leads to more stress on the motor and its life. This causes it to malfunction or break down sooner than the mixer grinder.
  3. Lesser cleanup time: Mixer grinders will blend ingredients instantly, compared to blenders or food processors, which take more time in order to become homogeneous. This speed can be crucial when preparing a soup or salad with firm ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers that need no further chopping.
  4. It uses less energy: A mixer grinder uses only a fraction of the energy that a blender or food processor uses. However, this is dependent on the brand and model of each appliance.
  5. Longer life: Some blenders are made with blades that can be sharpened (usually the good ones), but food processors have dull blades, which cannot be sharpened or replaced by new ones.
  6. Lesser nutrients loss: The blades of a mixer grinder are close to each other and are very sharp, which makes them cut harder ingredients instantly. This results in better preservation of nutrients from the foods that you process.

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Final Verdict: 

In conclusion, usigg a mixer grinder can be more beneficial than using blenders or food processors if you are trying to achieve something that calls for speed as much as it needs precise chopping. This appliance has a very long service life, and it will not break down after continuous use. Because of this, the mixer grinder is the best choice for your kitchen.

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